Can You Pass The Early Perkasie History Test?

In my new book, “An American Hometown,” you can learn about Perkasie’s fascinating history from its colonial days until 1945. If you’ve read the book, you should get all the questions correct, because the answers are in text.

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What Does The Word "Perkasie" Mean?

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We really don't know the literal translation of the word "Perkasie" as used by the Lenni Lenape. It may be closer to the word "Perkiomen."

The Redcoats Allegedly Stayed in Perkasie in 1777-1778. Where Did They Stay?

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There are at least two versions of this story from Stout family descendants.

What Is the Fine for Smoking Segars on the Covered Bridge?

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The fine also applies to any person riding or driving over the bridge faster than a walk.

The Rev. John Andrew Strassburger founded South Perkasie. What was his religion?

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Rev. Strassburger preached at four Reformed churches, which is now the United Church of Christ.

The Landis Ridge Train Tunnel brought commerce to Perkasie by the 1870s. Who built it?

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At least 300 Irish labors worked on the tunnel for two years. Rumors persist of more than a few deaths at the constuction site.

What was the name of Perkasie's amusement park?

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The investors named it Menlo Park in an apparent nod to Thomas Edison.

Perkasie had many cigar factories. What was the name of H.E. Snyder's most famous cigar?

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The Snyders made the White Ash cigar while Horace Snyder was still working full time at another cigar factory. The Snyders had the last cigar business in Perkasie.

Who Owned the Iconic Plaza Movie Theater?

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The Fire Company at first showed films at the fire house to raise money and then built their own theater.

Who Designed the Iconic Twin Bridges in Lenape Park?

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The next time you are in Lenape Park look for the Roebling name on some of the bridge's cabling structure.

How Much Did It Cost to Ride the Trolley from Philadelphia to Perkasie, Roundtrip, in 1915?

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In 2021 dollars, that is $10 each way, which is why a lot of people used the trolley for shorter trips.

Perkasie History 101, From 1683 to 1945
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